Biography in shorthand

Born 19554, raised in Velsen, The Netherlands

Latin school in Apeldoorn

History Degree from Utrecht University

Doctoral research in Moscow and East Berlin

Freelance journalist in Poland

1981-3 Fulbright Fellow at Princeton University

US correspondent for Amsterdam daily Het Parool

Reporting trips to Mexico and the civil war in El Salvador

First short stories published in Dutch literary magazines

1987 literary debut: De nieuwe stad (The New City), a short story collection

Three other collections and, in 1991, first novel Káte Jahn

Novels De lachende hond (The Laughing Dog, 1994) and Twee geheimen (Two Secrets, 1997)

Sailing voyages to The Bahamas, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Haiti, Cuba, Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland

Novels De smokkelaar van de Exuma's (The Smuggler of the Exuma's, 2002) en Noordtij (North Tide, 2005).

Collected American stories (2007) and Collected Sailing stories (2010)

Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, married, two children

2014: Novel Telegram voor Mecánico (Telegram for Mecánico) and collected short stories Op drift geraakt (Set Adrift)

Six months ramble through East Africa in preparation of novel De oogst is voorbij (The Harvest is Past, 2016)

Voyage through the Indonesian province of Papua, in preparation of new novel De witte reiger (The White Heron, (2017)

Latest novel De jongens (The Boys) in oktober 2019


Caricature for the

GPD newspapers

by Martien Bos