A selection of photos made by family, friends and volunteers, who helped sail the ‘Sea Scout’ from Chesapeake Bay to Haiti and Cuba. Also on board were Tony Fainberg and Dick Teachout, but we didn’t have a camera then. The boat is a 30 foot Dufour Arpège, built in 1968. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, or watch the slideshow. The full story is on our web log: http://log-of-the-sea-scout.blogspot.com/
Sailing to Haiti and Cuba
October 2006: Astrid with our six months supply of food
Leo Hoeksma
Final inspection in Galesville
Leaving Chesapeake Bay
Stormy weather 300 miles offshore
Arrival in Bermuda, one week overdue
St. George’s Harbour
Bermuda. Where else?
The boat with a new hailing port
At sea again
Jennifer Glaudemans
Astrid Zauner
Mahi mahi!
Meeting on the high seas
Offshore shower
The Virgin Islands
Full moon in St. John
Landcrabs (photo by Astrid)
Olina Jonas
Nico van der Kolk
David Glaudemans
Downwind to Puerto Rico
Barracuda alley, between Puerto Rico and Vieques
Eugene Versluysen
The broken boom
The new bamboom, made on Isla de Mona
Tap-tap, a public bus in Haiti
David in Port au Prince
Ra-ra band during the carnaval in Jacmel
Carnaval spirit
At anchor in Île à Vache
Île à Vache homestead
Boatyard on the beach
Coastal freighter in the Bay of les Cayes
Fishing sloop
Mainsail made of trash bags
Haitian lobsterman
Handicapped children from the orphanage in Île à Vache
Aboard the sloop ‘Ebenezer’
David and skipper Gratien
Gratien’s cousin Vinó hiking out
Crossing the Windward Passage
Dolphins and their babies
Early morning arrival in Santiago de Cuba
Three Cuban officials, after their inspection
Santiago de Cuba
Nueva Gerona
Riding the Trade Winds
Dick Gaasbeek
Geert van der Kolk
Mary Houghton
Anchorage at Cayo Tablones
Trinidad skyline
Sistino playing baseball in Casilda
Our friend Ivan, fisherman from Isla de Juventud
Underway again
Finally, Havana
Old Havana
“Music set in stone” - Alejo Carpentier about the cathedral
80 more years?
Dancker Daamen
Bob Mayo
Michael Michlo
Porpoises in North Carolina
Dismal Swamp Canal
Norfolk, Virginia
Return to Chesapeake Bay, May 2007