In the Spring of 2002 we sailed our 30 foot Dufour Arpège “Sea Scout” from the Chesapeake Bay to the Eqi Glacier on the West Coast of Greenland, well north of the Arctic Circle. The voyage lasted more than six months. Here are some pictures, also of the many crew members who made the adventure possible. Click on the picture to enlarge.
You can read the full story on The Greenland Log
The Greenland Expedition
Lark Harbour, Newfoundland
Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland
St. Anthony, Newfoundland
At the dock in Red Bay, Labrador
Nico and Jana
Penney Island, Labrador
Chuck McDermott
Jana van der Kolk
Nico van der Kolk
Crossing Cabot Strait
Heavy weather
The broken whisker pole
Nico in his bunk
Geert lighting the stove
Jana in the galley
Nico at the navogation station
Pilot whales
Globichephala Melas
Length about 20 feet
Icebergs in the approach to Nuuk
Leaving Nuuk in the rain
More ice, and more rain
Geert on nightwatch
Lookout Jana on the bow
Northern Light
The first big icebergs
Bergs in Disko Bay
Disko Bay
Aasiaat Harbour
Rodebay Harbour
Sea Scout in Sisimiut
Anchorage in Qaaqqaat Bay
Ice everywhere
In the background the Jakobhavn Isfjord
A berg ten stories high
Jakobshavn Isfjord, where all Atlantic icebergs come from
The Ice Fjord
Fog and ice
and bigger ice
Climbing Nasaasaaq mountain
The summit
Sled dog at the foot of the mountain
Ata Sund
Disko Island
Chuck darning his socks
Geert fixing a sleeping bag
Jana repairing a blanket
Nico fixing his foul weather gear
Approaching the ice
A white wall
Jana pushing away growlers
Anchorage in the ice
A bay just north of Ililissat
Nico rowing the dinghy
Arctic sky
Arctic sky 2
Arctic sky 3
Nameless glacier in Ata Sund
Sea Scout in the Bay de Quervain
The Eqi Glacier
Anchored in front of the glacier
5 August 2002
Geert and Chuck
Olina Jonas
Nico and Jana
Elizabeth McDermott
Dick Teachout
Jeffrey Balkind
Charles Boiduc and Eugene Versluysen
Tony Fainberg and Ilya Mir